The World of Podcasts…..its time

FINALLY……….I have decided to start a podcast. I was so against podcasting, especially in the very beginning. Simply because everyone was doing it, and those same people thought they could just host a radio show so easily. Well, it kinda is that easy, except I don’t consider it radio. I’ve come to realize that podcasting is not radio at all. Its more of a forum, or comment you make on society. You know those comments on articles or youtube videos? Yea, those are exactly like podcasts. Opinions and forums for everyone. But don’t get me wrong, you still have to make it sound good. Because lets be honest, for that 1 good podcast we enjoy, there are 100 crappy ones. Whether it be audio quality, not being prepared, or just simply not having a personality. But that’s ok, because its yours, and your ability to create something, from nothing.

All that, leads me to this. I have decided to jump in the podcasting world. We’re gonna start slow, doing something simple like Wrestling. The first episode will be uploaded shortly this week(hopefully) but Im confident that if you enjoy wrestling, new or old, you will certainly enjoy the program. We will rebook angles from back in the day, reminisce on the forgotten and beloved eras of wrestling. The show will evolve from wrestling to all around sports, comic book movies, shows, and pop culture.

So coming midweek, the first edition of AWP. Another Wrestling Podcast.

MLB Predictions, Thoughts, and Rantings


Toronto (92-70)*

Deepest line-up in the AL, a good staff, and enough prospects to make one more move.

Tampa Bay (89-73)*

Leaving Wil Myers in AAA for service time reasons, as well as not putting Chris Archer in the rotation right now, might cost them the Division.

Baltimore (81-81)

A better team this year, but without the ridiculous luck in one run and extra inning games. Gausman and Bundy being up in the 2nd half makes them a team to watch for 2014.

Boston (77-85)

Will benefit greatly from the attention whoring Bobby V’s departure, as well as a comeback year from Jon Lester.

New York (72-90)

Zero young talent, best prospects still at least a year away, and an old, broken down roster all lead to the worst Yankee team in 20 years.

AL Central

Detroit (88-74)*

So many flaws, but 3 big stars and a bad division help them.

Cleveland (84-78)

Good line-up, great manager, atrocious pitching.

Kansas City (75-87)

Couldn’t go all in on going for it, Shields is shipped out by mid season for some less than Wil Myers.

Chicago (66-96)

Chris Sale breaks down, Dunn looks lost, and Kenny Williams’ luck finally runs out.

Minnesota (50-112)

Morneau is shipped out by midseason (possibly to Toronto), Mauer is probably injured again, and a helpless rotation is beat to death.

AL West

Oakland (94-68)*

Love the multiple platoons, love the pitching, love the front office.

Texas (89-73)*

A good team, but a step down from a few years ago.

Anaheim (88-74)

The season rests on the shoulder of Tommy Hanson. That is not a sturdy thing.

Seattle (70-92)

A mis-matched offense, but it’ll be fun when the young pitchers come up in the 2nd half.

Houston (56-106)

Get a ton of shit for only spending 25mil on payroll this year, but what were they supposed to do? Give out big contracts for no reason? This will be a fun little experiment, and  LF Chris Carter might set a record for lowest batting average in a 40HR season.

NL West

San Francisco (88-74)*

They just always figure it out.

Los Angeles (84-78)

Could win 100, could lose 100. But just a little over .500 feels right.

San Diego (81-81)

Scrappiness can only get you so far.

Arizona (81-81)

Exhibit A.

Colorado (40-122)

The Rockies have amassed quite possibly the worst rotation in baseball, play in the worst park for bad pitchers,  have next to nothing on the way, and just hired what I believe was a JV softball coach as their manager.

NL Central 

Chicago (90-72)*

This years Orioles, with a deep pitching staff, a Rizzo breakout, and some luck.

Cincinnati (89-73)*

Dusty Baker is one of the worst managers in baseball history and the Aroldis Chapman decision was Dusty-level stupid.

St. Louis (88-74)

The lack of a middle infield is a slight problem.

Milwaukee (67-95)

You can sign all the Kyle Lohses you want and it’s not going to matter.

Pittsburgh (66-96)

This will be a nice job for whomever the next Pittsburgh GM is.

NL (B)East

Washington (110-52)*

The same team as last year, but with a true center fielder and lead-off man (Denard Span) replacing Mike Morse, steady Dan Haren replacing the up and down Edwin Jackson, and 20 year old Bryce Harper replacing 19 year old Bryce Harper.

Atlanta (100-62)*

Freddi Gonzalez and a gaping hole at 3rd base will hold them back all year long.

Philadelphia (70-92)



New York (66-96)

David Wright and the 7 dwarfs on offense.

Miami (56-106)

A big fucking joke.


AL MVP: Mike Trout

AL CY YOUNG: Josh Johnson

AL ROY: Kevin Gausman/Dylan Bundy

AL Playoffs: 

Tampa over Texas

Tampa over Oakland, Toronto over Detroit

Tampa over Toronto

NL MVP: Bryce Harper

NL CY YOUNG: Jordan Zimmermann

NL ROY: Jedd Gyorko

NL playoffs: 

Cincinnati over Atlanta (Sorry Jim)

Washington over Cincinnati, San Fran over Chicago

Washington over San Fran

World Series:

Washington over Tampa








Well, last week we gave you a 3-1 week. And in straight up winners we were 4-0 having the Texans win. This week however is the most BRUTAL week in all of sports to gamble. Ask any ‘sharp’ in Vegas and they will tell you that THIS is one of the toughest weekends to cap. What makes this weekend even tougher is that 3 of the 4 matchups are rematches from the regular season. The Elite Eight of the NFL gets narrowed down to four. Let’s do our best to break this one down.


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